I'm excited to be sharing with you all this new piece I have created for The Coffee Art Project. I was asked to get on involved with the project earlier on in the year and am thrilled to be apart of such a worthy cause.

"The Coffee art Project supports Project Waterfall, which is committed to bringing clean water to communities which grow our coffee through the Allegra Foundation and other registered charities.

So far, Project Waterfall, has raised more than £520,000 and delivered clean water to over 20,000 people in Tanzania, Rwanda, Ethiopia and Nicaragua in partnership with WaterAid, Charity: Water and Water for People." 

ARTWORK DISCRIPTION: Featuring a quote by Brazilian novelist Paulo Coehlo and Coffea Arabica, a genius of flowering plants that produces the coffee bean. This art piece works as symbol; encouraging us all to look a little deeper. Like so often in life we miss important details and forget that our actions have rippling consequences.  This illustration hopes to work as tool to promote positivity, humility and a reminder to be all we can be.

If you'd like to know more about the organisation and find out how you can support them head on over to

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With Love T